Mike happiness creates tools using happiness as the infrastructure. We inspire the next generation by rethinking the way we enjoy life

Mike happiness has several solutions created to ensure that people live a healthier life. We work with the sports industry especially the Agents to ensure that the Athletes they are managing enjoy several privileges out of the happiness tools that we have created. We are not an agency that ensures that employees are happy at work in order to increase efficiency; our aim is to create several tools out of happiness.

We work with companies to manage their happiness by creating tools out of happiness.

We believe that the world is happier than never before. People have access to the information at the palm of their hands. People always share their information instantly. Mike happiness world is tapping into a happy world to ensure that people stay happier

With a connected world, whenever you are around the world, you can always be part of the happiness going around the world.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to ensure that the world stay happier by creating tools out of happiness- we are essentially launching a new industry of happiness.


Our vision is to see everyone happy through our tools.